“05” – A dance company from Syria Dances through the eternal city

Black and white film (approx. 5-8 min long). Accompanied by a

chanson that just sounds like from an entertainment film of the 1950 – 60 century.


They throw coins into the well, drive on a Vespa with their arms outstretched like Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn once did. They dance on the stairs like Fred Astaire and search for each other in the alleys. They run away from the stone head that will predict the
future. They run across places as if they were looking for something. But they’re not afraid, they’re not looking for anything. They want nothing more than to be a part of everyone, a part of this eternal city.

Production Status

Drehbuch: in Konzeption
Musik: in Produktion
Tänzer: 8 Tänzer

Zeitraum: 3-4 Tage im September 2018

“05” – Mood Movie

“05” – Mood Dance

performed by Yara Eid (project Choreographer)

“05” – music Sketch

what you said

by Julian Treemaker | Second Truth Project

Roman Holiday

Vespa drive through the streets planned

Fred Astaire & Audrey Hepburn

Dances through streets and back alleys

Eternal City of rom

Black and white film (approx. 5-8 min long). In addition you an orchestrated chanson that sounds like from an entertainment film of the 1950 – 60 (e.g. Edith Piaf – Sous le ciel de Paris). We see sights and tourist attractions, they throw coins in fountains, dance down stairs.

8 Dancers

They are Palestinians, Kurds and Syrians. They were members of professional dance ensembles until the civil war drove them out of their homeland, they fled to Germany and were separated. They are integrated and
learn different professions. One part works as a dancer, others are in retraining. The former leader of the troop, for example, works as a cook. And they’re getting back together for this project.

Yara Eid

Age: 33

Amr Karkout


Lujain Mustafa

Age: 23

Mouafak Aldoabl

Age: 25

Medhadt AlDaabal

Age: 32

Firas Al Massre

Age: 27

Nabila Hakim

Age: 25

Fadi Waked

Age: 23